Pictures from game events


 The map laid out on the dining room table. The attacking units (lower half) are trying to push the defenders (upper half) out of their artillery position which overlooks the road.

 The attacking units took cover in the woods to the left . . .
 and to the right.
 The defenders move a machine-gun team down the hill to cover the dead space.

The Battle of Lake Erie(War of 1812)

 The "Lake" as it was laid out on our basement floor. 7ft by 5 ft area.
 The view from behind the American line, facing the British. USS Lawrence and USS Niagra are in the middle of the American line.
Close up, from behind the British line, of the HMS Queen Charlotte (L) and HMS Detroit (R).

From the Battle of Lake Erie, fought on Jan 7 2012.

Added 1/9/2012
Axis & Allies game: Bob, Dallas, Dan, Jason and Keith

The initial setup.
The Battle of Pearl Harbor - Japan crushed the fleet but couldn't take the island itself. 

Germany facing pressure in turn three. 

Europe in turn Four or Five. Russia was on the ropes and the US was pinned behind the Japanese fleet.

A House Divided 
Dad (Confederacy) vs Zach (Union)

This is the overall situation at the end of 1862.

If you don't recognize the geography, that's Mobile, AL that has been captured by the Union. The closest forces the Confederacy has are at Pensacola, or New Orleans.

The Confederacy is making an attack across Indiana and Ohio hoping to draw Union forces away from Southern cities.

The Union forces are closing in on Richmond (the box with 3 units stacked in it).

Same Game, June 1864

The Western Front, June 1864

The Richmond Front, June 1864

The Map, February 1865

Southern Front, February 1865

Capitol Region, February 1865

Northwestern Front, February 1865

Battle of Bladensburg
(August 24, 1814) - fought April 7, 2012

The map, laid out on the floor in the basement

The initial positions of both sides. Americans are on the left of the Potomac, the British on the right.

American Units

British Units

The developing battle - British attempting to carry the bridge.

Late in the battle

Battle's End

Asteroid (1/5/2013)
see post here.
The map layout - note all the overturned counters.
 Pic of the box cover.
 Two heroes (red) trapped between a lotta robots.

The Computer found!
 The casualty list - from both sides.

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