Thursday, October 27, 2011

Musical Break - Take Five

     We invited some friends over last night to play games, and this song came up in a trivia-type game. It's such an excellent piece of jazz music and musicianship I decided to share it. It is the center piece of an excellent album by Brubeck & Co. called Time Out, in which all of the pieces are notable for their unusual and underused time signatures. Take Five, for example, is in 5/4, which explains the odd feel to the rhythm. It's still a popular album among jazz fans, so it should be easy to get a hold of a copy. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Didn't we do this back in marching band, or jazz band or drum line or something during high school?

I seem to remember playing it before. It is a great piece of music.

Library Bob said...

Yes we did, Norm. This has been one of my favorite jazz pieces since then. I've owned a copy of the Time Out album almost as long as I've owned a CD player.