Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Big News from the Library - Update

     Just about an hour ago, I finished moving all of the books that the Education department said were OK to withdraw. I was wrong, it wasn't 1600 books - it was more like 1,800 books. But they're off the shelves and tucked away in Technical Services awaiting processing. And you thought librarians just sat about reading books all day!
     But that's not the big news. The big news is that just moments before I had placed the last handful of withdrawn books onto the shelves, the row of shelving collapsed. 1,800 books and the shelves they were on went toppling to the floor.  One moment everything was fine and dandy and the next moment CREAK-CREAK-CRASH. Folk from all over the library came running to see what happened, and stayed to help clean up. Thanks be to God, no one was injured and while some of the books took a beating, they were being withdrawn anyway. 
     I call this a providential happening, because the shelves that failed were erected to hold the mass of new books that will be ordered in the spring ordering rush. Today the area was nearly deserted, in the spring there would have been workers on both sides of the shelves placing and removing books. So if it had to come down, thanks be to God that it happened today. 

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Clint said...

And people think libraries are boring...