Monday, November 12, 2012

Charleston Conference Wrap Up

Well the conference is done, and I'm home again. 

     Among the interesting things from the wrap-up sessions on Saturday morning were: Shared Shelf Commons, a site which hosts collections of publicly-accessible media. Check it out at
     The other interesting thing was an overview by a team of lawyers on the current state of a number of federal court cases that will have effects on libraries; like the seemingly never-ending Google Books Settlement case. I'll admit I didn't understand a good bit of what they were talking about, as legalese has always made me go a bit cross-eyed. But, I'm glad that people more learned and interested than me are keeping an eye on such things.
     The Charleston Conference is a fun experience. I have learned about new products, gotten some goodies, and have new project ideas to percolate in the brain and hopefully make a reality, and a renewed desire to do my work better. I have no desire or expectation that I'm going to change the world or even change the library I work in. As Dostoyevsky once said, "everyone wants to change the world; no one thinks about changing himself."  If I can manage that, I'll be happy.

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