Friday, February 22, 2013

Military Research Online Resource

     I was introduced to this site recently, and got rather excited by it. As a former soldier, amateur historian and student of things military, this publicly accessible site is a deep well of information. This collection will be useful to history buffs, wargamers in general, writers of history and military fiction (historical or science-y) and Traveller players in particular. Thanks to TimeRover51 over at the Citizens of the Imperium Board for bringing this to my attention. Sections include:
  • World War II Operational Documents
  • School of Advanced Military Studies Monographs
  • Combat Studies Institute
  • Master of Military Art and Science Theses
  • Obsolete Military Manuals
  • Civil War Order of Battle documents
  • Military Review (journal)

I've already downloaded papers on the effects of rifled weapons on Civil War tactics, the employment of an 81mm morter (hey, you never know), a Field manual on Mountain Operations and one on the organization of a WWII Infantry Battalion. Interesting reading, if not of any immediate practical employment.

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