Friday, March 1, 2013

Book Lists and Best Books

     "Best Books" is a Library of Congress Subject Heading for works that list and annotate, well, the best books on a subject. At our library, I'm preparing a new display for one of our display cabinets on some of these "Best Books" books, and the reading lists contained therein. My hope is that the display, along with handouts with the book lists will get some circulation with the books on the reading lists, and encourage students to discover the joy of reading beyond their class assignments.

     Some of the "best Books" works to go into the display are:

"25 Books Every Christian Should Read"

"100 Best Business Books of All Time"

The Great Books: A journey through 2500 years of the West's Classic Literature"

"Great Books of the Western World" (Series)

"100 Best Books for Children"

"10 Books Every Conservative Should Read, Plus 4 Not to Miss, and 1 to Avoid"

"Reading the Right Books: a Guide for the Intelligent Conservative"

"The Great Books of the Christian Tradition"

Modern Library's List of 100 Best Novels

"How to Read a Book: the Art of Getting a Liberal Education"

"Great Books, the Foundation of a Liberal Education"

     Now, these links won't get you to the full content of the books, the 'why we included this book in the list' part, but the Google Books preview will in some of these cases, give you the reading lists. Happy Reading!

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