Monday, February 17, 2014

Update on Frederica Bio-pic

I recently got an announcement from Frederica regarding a change of plans with the documentary. As follows:

Big changes with the documentary! It's no longer just a 30-min film about me. There are people in Hollywood who think it could be a feature film, and expanded to include other folks who break the conservative mold.

So the Kickstarter campaign is being suspended temporarily, while we work out new plans. If you've contributed, thank you and "hold that thought."

Here's the update from John Gleason, the filmmaker; click this link to stay in the loop.

<<Dear friends,
Thank you so much for your support of our film! What has started as a small documentary is quickly evolving into a much larger project. The film has recently gained the attention of several people in Hollywood who want to see this become a feature film seen in theaters and film festivals across the country. We are happy to announce that actress Shawnee Smith and others have joined our team of producers and will be instrumental in making this a reality.
We have decided to postpone this Kickstarter campaign in order to accommodate further planning in light of these recent changes. But we still need your help! As we work on version 2.0 of this project we would like to update you on our progress, and a revised crowdfunding campaign that should be up in a month or two.

All the best,

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Anonymous said...

Oh this is wonderful news! I got the email that the Kickstarter was cancelled and thought that meant the whole thing was done! I'm thrilled at this news!