Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What I'm Reading Now - Fundamentals for Liaisons

What I’m reading Right Now:
Fundamentals for the Academic Liaison, part of the ALA’s Fundamentals series. Written by Richard Moniz, Jo Henry, Joe Eshleman

Why I’m reading it:
A big part of my job is to serve as liaison between the library and several academic departments. This academic year liaison work is getting more attention and priority from the library administration.

What I think of it:
It is well written, and each chapter covers a distinct aspect of the liaison librarian’s job. The chapters I’ve read so far all have a lot of useful information and suggestions, and very little fluff.

Will I finish it?
Yes. This is information I can put to use right away. One of the advantages of working for the library is that I can always renew or extend my book borrowing. Which is good, as I get to read this about 1/3 of a chapter a week.

Would I recommend it?
Yes, I would, particularly for new librarians. I don’t recall my MLS program covering liaison work, and if yours hasn’t, this book really is a must.

Gimme a quote:
“As a library liaison, prepare to become a master of communication. Communication is the key to establishing faculty relationships and those relationships lead to success as a liaison.” Chapter 3, p. 35

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