Friday, April 15, 2016

Communism and America

I've recently become fond of reading the blog of John C. Wright, sci-fi author and devout Catholic. Yesterday he shared this post, about a revelation his wife had concerning Communism and the 'Red Scare'.

Yes, Virginia, there are Communists, and they mean to do exactly what they say they mean to do, starting with lies and propaganda and ending with death camps and genocide, all the while promising free health care.

And … the Left are afraid of McCarthy and people like him, but not afraid of Mao and people like him.
Also read his wife's discussion of this topic, found here.

They had as an avowed goal: designing public schools so as to break up the family and make the children idea future Communists.
The Communists attacked the Church, demonized it, and tried to separate workers from their priests at every turn. Bella saw this over and over and gave some examples. She also admitted to helping over 1,100 communists get into the Roman Catholic Church, with plans to alter and destroy it from within.
They also attacked race harmony in America. Word came from the Soviet Union that America’s racial peace and its morality were its strength, so these things had to be destroyed.

Because Western Civilization is still worth fighting for.

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