Friday, March 2, 2012

The Business of College Education

     My dear wife passed this article along to me, since I work for a university. It is a commentary essay, not a research paper with documented evidence, but it is concerning none the less. Now, nobody's saying this sort of thing goes on where I work, but this is a worrying indicator for those of us who believe that higher education is about educating people.

The Business of Higher Education

A Quote: "These kids are never going to graduate, she confided. They are going to flunk out or quit. Our job as freshmen instructors is to keep them in school for as many semesters as we can so that we can get an extra grant check or two."

     Really?!?  That statement should make every professor and administrator in American higher education wince. But will it?  I can't say. I certainly hope to God that no one where I work takes this attitude, and thankfully, I've heard nothing of the kind.

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