Friday, June 15, 2012

Didn't See That Coming, Round Two

     This evening, while I was out walking my dogs, I happened to notice a bit of commotion in front of the townhouse directly opposite mine. I walked over to investigate and found my across-the-street neighbors, college students at the school where I work, had succeeded in locking themselves out of their house. Fortunately this was not one of those movie setups where someone got out of the shower and went outside in a towel. But I digress. Despite the niggling concern that I might have been aiding and abetting housebreakers, I fetched my ladder and one of the students hoisted themselves into an upstairs window that was unlocked. As the fellow was half-way through the window, one of the ones holding the ladder optimistically opined "what could go wrong now?" I was reminded of THIS entry over at TV Tropes. Yes, I spend a lot of time reading there. It's fun. You should go have a look. Well the fellow got in, and the door was unlocked, and they weren't thieves, and now I'm going to bed. What fun it is to have college students for neighbors.

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