Friday, June 29, 2012

Report from the Library - Reference has Moved!

       With the help of staffers and especially our wonderful student assistants, the Reference books are now interfiled with the circulating collection in our main stacks area. I expect that now the reference works will see more use, as they are now 'discoverable' right next to circulating books. I saw many instances where a Non-Circulating copy went on the shelf right next to its circulating twin. As mentioned before, a lot of books in the Reference collection have been turned loose to circulate, so the 'Reference collection' is much smaller now, but we only want the big, expensive and foundational works to stay in the libary.
     The space Reference has occupied is going to be re-purposed as study space, along with a redesigned Reference desk which will also incorporate Circulation and Interlibrary Loan. When the students return in the fall, the library will have a new look, which in my mind is a good thing, as it will encourage students to take another look at us and the services we offer.I think it would be good to add another copier/printer into the new study area, as a lot of students will want to take articles or chapters from the non-circulating books with them. Having to trek across the library to the existing copiers, not located near the new study area, will discourage the in-house use of non-circulating books.

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