Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11, 2001

     I don't need to say much and I'm not going to say much about this day and what it means to us as Americans. Yes, we have our political differences but 9-11 wasn't an attack on a political party or candidate, it was an attack on all of us who bear the name American. Even as we wrestle with the important issues of choosing a future course for this country, let us remember that while we may be political opponents, we are all Americans together. 
     May God have mercy upon our nation, and remember with mercy the souls of the departed who were taken from us by our enemies. 

A moment of silence, please. That is all.

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John Foster said...

I was at a client's office in Stamford CT, thankful I didn't have to go down to my corporate office in the World Financial Center at this time 11 years ago. I was trying to convince my wife(5 months preggers at the time) to leave work in mid-town and head home to the Bronx asap. By 10 am we had lost phones and we could only communicate via email. It was a scary time and I still dread heading into any metro area on this day.

Thank you for thoughts and I agree with you that the attack on America didn't target any ideology, but the concept of what makes America what it is. I wish more people would see themselves as American first, and other things second.