Monday, September 17, 2012

Things that go on in a library

     I was walking from my office through the computer lab area of our library, and as I came around a corner into a narrow hallway by the elevator, I very nearly tripped over a student, sitting on the floor with legs straight out, resting a laptop on her lap. I pointed out that there were tables nearby, in the area I had just left, to which she responded "but I needed the outlet," pointing to the electrical outlet in the wall next to her. I had often wondered why this narrow hallway needed an electrical outlet. Now I know. As a second effort to get her to stop blocking the hallway (did I mention the elevator?) I suggested that around the corner from where I had just come was another outlet, and the hall was much wider there. That seemed to register as a good idea, and so she moved around the corner, and even found a chair to pull over next to the outlet. At the other end of the hallway, in another study area, I saw any number of tables free that have electrical sockets built right into them. Oh well.

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