Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gaming Report - Chess

    My younger son and I played another game of chess this weekend. It is very heartening to me that he asked me to not give him any advice; and while I let him take back two moves that were ill-advised, I never pointed out why they were bad moves. He figured that out for himself. He knows the rule about "once you let go, the move stands" but I'm still willing to cut him some slack. He played a good game for a beginner - no fancy strategies but he did get me in check more than once. Please note that by the endgame, my Queen was no longer on the board.

In the end, I was able to check mate him, but he slipped out of my trap a few times before I was able to corner him. In the picture below, taken from the side, I was playing Black and my son played White. The final move was the rook to White's back line, protected by the Bishop which also trapped the King in the corner.

As you can see, he played a good game, and was working towards threatening my king as well, I just beat him to it. Maybe next time I'll have to make good on my promise to take him out to eat, his choice, once he beats me without any help. Good game, son! 

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