Saturday, April 5, 2014

Something is afoot at Deep in the Stacks

I've decided it time to make a change. I have greatly enjoyed the experience of blogging here at Deep in the Stacks, the challenge of finding material, of composing my thoughts, of resisting the temptation to be super self conscious about whether I'm getting readers or not. I don't want to give that up. 

Wait for it . . . 

So I'm not going to. What I am going to do is start a second blog. Now there will be two times the fun! Deep in the Stacks is not going anywhere, but I'm going to move most of my game-related and all of my Traveller related stuff to a new blog which will be about just that. I got some good advice recently about trying to cover too many bases. I enjoy writing about being a librarian; I enjoy writing about Traveller; I enjoy writing about Orthodoxy and its intersections with my job and my hobby. Starting soon, I'm going to be writing in two different places, which I hope will enable me to expand my writing about both.

Update, 4/11/2014
The new site is up! It will need some additional tweaking, but we are off and running. Several of the gaming-related posts have already disappeared from Deep in the Stacks and are now to be found at:

Ancient Faith in the Far Future


anzon said...

that's :-)

Anonymous said...

enjoying Ancient Faith..., but the comments setting seem to be different to Deep... - you seem to need one of a number of accounts to post anything. Is this just a setting which you could change, or something the provider dictates? anzon